Please, help my mom :(


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14/01/2019 Consultation with a doctor from Germany. The case concerns the treatment of my mom with proton radiotherapy.
The treatment method is very effective and can cure a patient 100%.
Treatment consists of irradiation with protons, which kills cancer cells.
People, I'm asking for help, I can not get enough money for myself.
The treatment price is 59,000 euro for one treatment, perhaps the treatment will have to be repeated
I am begging you, help my mom.

Place of the clinic
Schäftlarnstraße 133
81371 München, Deutschland 

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Why so much cryptocurrency ? Because every help is useful. I am asking for voluntary help, I am not forcing anything. Thank you very much to everyone. I respect your decision
Why cryptocurrencies? because this is a better form than a bank account in several currencies

I am an authentic person who is looking for help from people with a good heart. I set up TWITTER account 19/11/2018,

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